My Favourite Stitches from 2016

I love designing cross stitch charts for my customers and I love it even more when I receive a photo of their completed creation. So, here are just four of my favourite photos I received during 2016…


Most are from my personalized Name Sampler & Wedding Sampler range with the ‘Nerdy’ Chemical Element stitch available to buy & download straight from my Etsy Shop along with lots of other quirky stitches.

I’m looking forward to designing even more cross stitch charts in 2017 and even have a new name sampler design in the pipeline – the first for a couple of years as other events have taken my attention!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and see you on the other side…

H x

Pitfalls of working for yourself

On the whole I love being my own boss.  I get to work around my kids and their schedule and can work at any time of the day or night if I have orders to do.  Days can be spent outside in my lovely garden during the Summer and orders can be stitched by the fire during Winter.

My latest order all designed and ready to go – even on a Saturday night I find it hard to switch off…

But this fantastic flexibility comes at a price.  It’s Saturday night and I have returned from a course today to find myself sitting at the computer doing yet another order.  I find it hard to switch off.  None of my customers expect me to work on the weekend, but as I am used to fitting things in when I can, I am the one making myself sit here to keep on top of the orders I have coming in.

So tonight I am consciously going to make myself turn off my PC by 8pm and spend some time with my very patient, but also very busy hubby…  I think we both deserve it and my orders can wait until Monday morning like the rest of the working world!