What am I doing wrong?

When I first started designing cross stitch charts I used to provide all of the materials for each design. I also lived in an enormous house at the time and had the space (and time) to do this with ease.

However, 10 years on and a massive downsize later I now only provide charts via email and most of my customers understand this and sales are still great.

I think that my website explains this pretty clearly. In fact it is mentioned on EVERY SINGLE page and section and within every item that you click on. It is also in the FAQs and T&Cs that customers tick during checkout to confirm they have read – and it’s right at the top of those so no trawling through reams of junk first. AND, finally it’s in the confirmation email they receive once they have ordered. So that’s at least 6 times it is written for customers to see.

And yet, I still have customers who complain once they have received their bespoke, personalised chart saying they didn’t know what they were buying. One customer recently even admitted that she hadn’t bothered reading the website but still expected me to do something about it!

So, my question to you is this… Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Is there another way of making this completely idiot-proof or do I just have to suffer the backlash of unhappy customers as I am unwilling to refund their money for a job I’ve already done??

Your thoughts would be appreciated on this one, especially if you order online. What do the words ‘Cross stitch chart via email‘ mean to you??

It really is soul-destroying when I put so much effort into all of my designs and still have people not value them for the work that goes in…

H x


Supporting Independent Designers

Good morning folks!  I thought I would share 3 of my favourite independent designers from the cross stitch world. Although I purchase my threads directly from DMC as I love their quality and colours, I try to purchase kits and charts from other designers not linked with big companies to support their work just as so many customers support mine.

  1. Sparklies – this UK based company not only designs and sells their own kits, but has an amazing range of hand-dyed fabrics and threads for sale too.  Most bespoke fabrics that I have lusted after come from the US so it is lovely to find a company here providing such a great range too.  I have my eye on a couple of fabrics for my next big project (see below) and can’t wait to start!!Sparklies Dragon
  2. Ink Circles – I have just found this designer and all I can say is WOW!!!  Their Cirque des Cercles has now become my next big project (and I might even have to hide my WIP away until I’ve done this one).  I have a whole house to renovate and stitching this in muted blue tones will fit perfectly with my guest room colours and make a gorgeous feature for the room.cercles
  3. The Nutmeg Company – you’ll find a unique range of 3D cross stitch kits designed by Meg Evershed here and this Blue Bandbox is definitely one of my favourite items.  You can stitch everything from cottages to penguins to Christmas trees and it is a great way of getting your stitching off the wall (especially if you are running out of space).kgbbbluebox


So, there you have them – three wonderful independent designers who would love you to pop over and check out what’s on offer.  As a seller on Etsy, I’m putting together a list of my favourite instant chart downloads to share with you next time.

H x